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Recover Deleted Old Videos from Android & iOS Devices

We already know that iPhone camera is very good. But, we cannot ignore the fact that both, even though they are compatible with 4K video recording (Ultra HD), are still offered in 16GB variants which ends up causing several users to be forced to delete photos, and videos in order to free up extra space on their devices. Predicting that this could happen, Apple equipped the system of its smartphones (and tablets) with the necessary tools to recover videos that have been deleted through its native Photos application.

In fact, the photos and videos deleted from your I Devices are directed to a special album where they are stored for 30 days. That is, this is the time you have to try to recover them before they are permanently deleted. If you use the iCloud Photo Library, the rule is the same – 30 days to try to recover deleted images and videos. If it is not active, images are removed only on the device where the delete command was given.

Recover deleted videos from ios device

To retrieve them directly from the device, you must first open the Photos application. Then, just tap on “Albums” at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap on the “Erased” Album to access the content. The deleted media will be stored for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Each thumbnail shows the number of days remaining. To restore specific videos, choose “Select”, and check the ones you want to remove from the album. If you want to remove them all, just press “Select”, and then in the lower right corner of the screen touch “Recover all”.

If the iCloud Photo Library was active, after retrieving the images and videos they will be listed in the “Camera Roll” or, in the respective albums where they were located before being deleted. This applies to all I Devices that have the feature active. Those who haven’t activated the iCloud Photo Library don’t have to worry about their videos being uploaded in their iCloud backups. Videos that were previously synced via iTunes can also be easily recovered simply by connecting the device via the USB cable.

Restore lost videos from Android with your computer (in general)

To create backup file on your computer of the lost videos you need to download the web version of any application. There are several applications available. But, it is suggested to download the paid version because no matter how many stars the application has, free version always has its limitation. There are plenty of applications such as Dig Deep, Ease US Mobi saver, Disk D, Dr. Fone, etc. All of their installation guidelines are moreover the same. It is suggested to create a PC back up folder. Here are the basic steps which is common for almost any application.

  • Step 1 – first connect the phone with the computer. Get the application installed, and run the app for Android device. After that connect the computer with your android device through the USB. After that click the start button, and let the app recognize the android device.
  • Step 2 – let the device be scanned after connecting it with the software. Soon after it will trace the lost videos, texts, and images.
  • Step 3 – select the lost data which is recovered, and transfer them to PC. Here you will get the option to manually select the data which you want to restore. Then click on the “Recover” option to get your job done.


So, now that you know how to recover deleted videos from both Android and iOS devices, it will be good to know that there are other ways to recover your deleted videos. But, no matter what, you need to take help from a third-party app.

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