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How to Track Live Mobile Number Location

Do you want to learn to track a live (real-time) mobile number location? Which means you are here not by any mistake. You have been searching for the right solution, and after a long search, you are finally here. After all, good suggestions worth your time, isn’t it? Do you know that there are various ways to perform this task? From a dedicated service provider to any third-party software, you can opt to any possibilities. And, above all, these terms are proven in reality. With the advancement of modern technology, you can now track your friends and family.

GPS tracking app – learn how to use

Global Positioning System works on global navigation satellite system platform. With GPS live tracking, one can track the live mobile number location. This is why this great system is designed to track the live location on the map. This technology, apart from live location, allows you navigating specific address, routes, trace your lost, or stolen smartphone, and explore the world. Here, you don’t need to follow any PhD theory. Simply, download the application, go to settings, prioritize your preferences, sync your device IP, and switch on the device location option. That’s it. GPS applications use PINPOINT technology to track the recent mobile location. On Play Store, App store, and Web you will find countless GPS live mobile tracking applications for both free, and paid.


Another useful application is Geo-Tracker. This application for your android OS lets you track the live cell phone location in real-time. It also helps you to track the number globally. Just go to the Google Play Store, and download this free application. After installing the application you just need to follow some guidelines. Soon after you will be able to track the number and its live location on the screen.


  • Share the trip with your friends, and family members using this app.
  • Using Geo-Tracker, we will be able to monitor our car’s speed, or bicycle. This app is useful in any situation including live number tracking.
  • OS Compatibility: Android device.

Find My Device

Developed by Google, Find My Device indeed is the best app for Android OS. Made especially to trace lost, and stolen android device. But, you will also be able to use this app to trace a live mobile number location. All you need is to install this app, that’s it. You do not need to pay to access the services as the price is zero.


  • With a few simple steps get the live location
  • Apart from locating live call location, you can perform several other activities such as locating stolen device, deleting or ringing your sync device (remotely) which is lost.
  • Compatibility: Android.


It is indeed one of the best live location tracking application available for you. The primary reason behind its success is that this application is suitable and applicable for both iOS and Android. Being one of the best live location tracking apps, Glympse offers you several benefits. With its modern features you can locate the device instantly, lets you see the 48 hours location history of the device (target device). Using Glympse dashboard online you will be able to access the tracking activities.


  • Track the live location, and get complete geo activity of children.
  • Now share the location with your friends, and family members whenever you want. Simply enter the target ID.
  • OS Compatibility: compatibility for iOS, Windows, and Android devices.


Hopefully, you’ve found the best free apps to track the location of a free cell phone. All these applications are rated according to their effectiveness, and price. But, it is suggested to use premium software to get more desirable result.

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